– with XM2

SATURDAY October 17th   
4:30pm – 5:30pm
LIVESTREAM @ on set in Europe

Step beyond the Hollywood curtain with the world’s premier drone operators in the screen industry, the Australian team from XM2. The team from XM2 have worked on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters in the past decade including 007, Star Wars, Fast & Furious 9, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aquaman and many, many more. See first-hand how these world-renowned drone operators have revolutionized how movies are made in the modern era and what goes on behind the scenes to get the incredible footage they bring to our screens. Includes a Q & A session so you can ask the experts about your own technical issues or industry insights.

About XM2
XM2 Aerial are leaders in the use of UAV for aerial cinematography.

XM2 are a UAV design and services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Gold Coast, Los Angeles and Seoul. We provide world-class aerial cinematography services globally. We are consistently working on the biggest feature films, documentaries and television commercials in the world, as our focus and skill set is in high value production.

XM2 Aerial are a full service company and experts in the deployment of UAV into commercial environments. We have worked on some of the biggest films in the world and there’s a reason for that. Our team of experts range from ex-Marine Mechanical Engineers, National Record-holding RC & UAV Pilots, Camera Operators, Commercial Photographers, Safety Technicians, Cinematographers, Development Managers and Film Location Managers.