2018 Winners - Port Shorts Film festival The best short films on the planet

Port Shorts Open Filmmaker Award The Last Time I saw you - Damian McLindon (Australia)

Synopsis: A sixteen-year-old Muslim refugee confronts a trio of mean girls at school.
Directors Statement: ‘The Last Time I Saw You’ was inspired by the true story of a young Afghani Asylum Seeker. I was incredibly moved by the trauma, sadness and ultimately the joy of a girl finding her place in a new and contrasting society.

This is a small slice-of-life story of a larger refugee crisis, and the plight of so many – leaving behind their home, friends and family – in the hope of a better future.

Needing to cast this film authentically from the small Hazara population, the producers flew girls in from across the country. After months of searching we were about to give up when a final effort unearthed a remarkable non-actress right under our noses in Victoria.

It’s our hope that audiences will be both moved and entertained by our lead character Aaseya’s story, and her ultimate triumph over schoolyard bullies. Her small victory speaks to her resilience and determination that she will carry forward in her life. 

2018 Best Drone Film Cardboard Cadet - Chris Castor (USA)

Synopsis: A young boy builds a cardboard airplane and departs for adventure. Will he be home for dinner?

Behind The Scenes

Cardboard Cadet – Watch Film

2018 Young Filmmaker Award Image en Mouvement - Jamisyn Chapman (AUSTRALIA)

Overview: This is a quirky experimental art film that explores the relationship between still and moving images – hence the title: Image en Mouvement which translates to image in motion. I exported the original footage as TIFFs and printed every fourth still image onto A4 paper, ending up with over 1300 pieces of paper. I applied paint to each of these prints and then photographed them. I imported each jpeg into my editing software and created a stop motion experimental art film.

2018 Music Video Award The End - William A Bleakley (AUSTRALIA)

Synopsis: Late at night, lonely strangers share a moment of connection.


2018 Audience Choice Award Sausage Roll - Jake Girgenti (AUSTRALIA)

Overview: When his IOU proposal falls through, a hungry Daintree resident resorts to stealing the last sausage roll from a stubborn servo attendant (Inspired by Wes Anderson)


2018 Local Filmmakers Award Baffin Island 2018 - Rob Parry

Overview: Base jumping the Arctic Circle


2018 Port Shorts Jury Prize Round Trip - Ren Thackham (AUSTRALIA)

Overview: On a mysterious dirt road in the harsh yet beautiful Australian outback, Ned Williams (Lee Priest), a beast with a dark side, is trying to escape authority and Constable Rose (Danny Bolt), a true blue honest bloke, is trying to get out of the desert without being shot, run over… or eaten.

Five Fun Facts about Round Trip:
1. The stunts are by Judd Wild from Mad Max Fury Road. 
2. The Writer/Director and the DOP are both women. 
3. Ned is played by Lee Priest, one of Australia’s most successful and controversial bodybuilders. 
4. Darren Narul gave us the sounds of the bush on the soundtrack, for example, the fight scene is backed by the sounds of dingos fighting on the didgeridoo. 
5. The police car was a $500 bucket of bolts we stickered up at the location on a sheep farm in the Flinders Ranges, and it’s still there!


2018 Young Filmmakers Shout Out Award Day Dream - Vasco Gonsalves

Overview: A boy who is living an adventure in his dreams, but wakes up to his normal boring life

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